Port of Muuga

The port of Muuga is the largest deep-sea cargo port in Estonia, who, owing to its depth and up-to-date terminals is the most popular among European ports. The depth of the basin of the port of Muuga reaches 18 meters enabling it to service all ships passing through Danish Sounds.



Container terminal of Muuga port

Multifunctional container terminal of Muuga port boasts of three universal combined Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo quays for handling ships, with the length of 200 m each and depth of 12.5 m, equipped with stationary and lifting cargo ramps with the breadth in their carriageway 25 and 30 m and elevation from water level from 1.7 to 3.0 m. The terminal of the port of Muuga can handle container ships with bulk of up to 4000 TEU and with intensity of handling operations up to 50-55 containers per hour.

Port of Paldiski

Lõunasadam of Paldiski is a regional port of a great potentiality; the main activity of the port is directed to handling Estonian export and import cargoes and also transit goods.




Tallinn – the capital of Estonia- is situated in the Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic region. а. Tallinn is also the biggest town of Estonia by its size approximately equal to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.